Mexico is a country where hair transplantat has gained great strength, allowing its clinics, tools and personnel to have vast experience that guarantees the desired results.

That, coupled with the fact that the prices that are handled in most hair grafting clinics are practically the same, which allow the patient to have a range of options.

In Mexico City, the procedure can cost five thousand dollars or a little more.

While in cities near the capital, the treatment has a lower cost.

Most Mexican clinics use the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique to perform the transplant.

This technique consists of extracting the hair follicles with a special tool, to then be grafted into the recipient area.

The FUE allows rapid recovery and more natural initial results.

Although, there is currently an innovative technique called DHI, whose hair transplant process is less traumatic.

With DHI, an Implanter Choi is used, which allows the hair follicle to be extracted and grafted into the area with alopecia almost simultaneously.

In addition, using the new technologies, clinics in Mexico allow a free assessment, through photos or video calls.

In other words, if you are abroad, just call the clinical center, schedule an appointment and send the photographs of the area you want to treat and the area you have to donate.

Only that is enough for the specialist to tell you if you are a candidate or not for the procedure.

In addition, clinics in Mexico offer you a 100 percent natural result, which you can appreciate a year after having performed the hair transplant.

These advantages allow the patient to plan their trip and choose the clinic that best suits their taste, taking into account infrastructure, personnel and elements they use at the time of surgery.

Another advantage is that most clinics exhibit their work on the Internet, which allows you to investigate and collect more data to be sure.

Some even offer travel packages, which will facilitate your transfer to Mexico, stay, surgery and recovery.

Other services offered by clinics in Mexico are beard and eyebrow transplants.

So you can opt for a complete package.


The hair transplant arrived in Mexico to stay. With this in mind, the clinics show an advanced and futuristic style, less conservative than their peers in Europe or other countries.

Operating rooms have state-of-the-art technology, which allows the professional and his assistants to perform an effective and less invasive procedure.

If you are a foreigner, you can still attend consultations virtually after the transplant if you have any doubts regarding the evolution you are taking.

Remember also that it is always good to have options.

That is, to locate clinics that not only provide you with a single hair transplant technique, but one that allows you to choose between one or the other, taking into account that the FUSS is cheaper than the FUE, but the DHI is more expensive, but Your recovery is in less time.

The FUSS, is postoperative is later due to the type of incision that is made in the scalp, and the manipulation sample is more evident, in case it is decided to wear very short hair.

Initially, clinics in Mexico only cared for men who sought to treat their alopecia, but a few years ago, women have also begun to be part of the workforce.

The treatments they offer are the same as for men, only that their application is different.

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