If you see that in your head hair begins to be missing, it is time to consult a specialist to determine what is happening.

Remember that alopecia can be caused by different factors, ranging from stress to skin diseases.

But when it is inherited, there is not much to do, and the only solution is a hair transplant.

But who tells you that? Well, a trichologist. And what is a trichologist?
Trichology is the science that is responsible for diagnosing and curing alopecia and other hair problems.

The trichologist, the person who exercises this branch of medicine, is the one who will tell you what treatment or what you should do to cure the alopecia that you are suffering.

The specialist is the one who will give an exact result of what happens with your scalp, the degree of alopecia it has and how it should be treated.

A dermatologist or a trichologist?

Many patients go to a dermatologist to treat their baldness and it is a mistake that many make.

While dermatologists treat all skin-related diseases, trichology specializes in the head.
Trichologists, however, cover other topics such as dandruff or hair fat, that is through studies on the scalp.

To summarize, a trichologist is a dermatologist specializing in scalp and alopecia.

That is why, if you suffer from this disease, it is advisable to go to a trichologist to evaluate you and tell you what type of alopecia you suffer, which treatment is the most recommended.

Let us also remember that trichology is a branch of medicine, or a specialization. However, there are people who claim to be trichologists just for knowing some things about the scalp.

That is why, when you go to a consultation, you must verify that the specialist is duly certified in your country.

Forensic Trichology

This specialization of trichology allows to analyze the hair and detect substances consumed that may be affecting the natural growth of the hair, or simply do DNA studies.

Forensic trichology allows specialists to know the lifestyle the person leads. Analyzes done to the hair reveal an extensive history of people.

Most of the staff that treats and operates patients in specialized clinics are trichologists.

Or, you have a trichologist who receives people to analyze them and then refer them to the surgeon.

Reasons for hair loss

Trichologists first rely on possible causes of alopecia,
The first is androgenetic alopecia or inherited alopecia. This is the most common in men and its cure can only be achieved through a hair transplant.

Alopecia areata, is when the patient has areas with baldness due to stress or some hormonal change in the body.

This type of alopecia usually heals over time and with a good rest.

How to locate the best clinic

For many who ask, what is the best clinic? The answer is that it will depend on each person.

Some centers have their particular characteristics, which draw attention to a certain type of person.

Here we can recommend that when choosing a clinic, the cleaning factor must be taken into account, that its areas are clean and presentable. That your operating rooms have the ideal conditions to perform the surgery.

That the work of professionals is visible, through photographs or videos, as well as their certificates.

That is in a geographical position that suits your ease of transfer, remember that after the intervention you must have a rest of at least 24 hours.

Know what kind of techniques they apply. The most advanced apply the traditional and sapphire FUE, and the DHI method, both quite innovative.

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