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Before and after the hair transplant

We know from the past that after hair transplantation patients may be worried about future results. This is quite normal, given the long period of suffering from alopecia.

One of the most commonly asked questions is and that of the right time to choose to perform the hair transplant. But the answer to this question depends on a number of factors, and not just age as some make the mistake of thinking. Each and every individual case and must be studied, one of the main reasons for taking over the transplant is to suffer from androgenetic alopecia and to have a good donor area.

Normally most specialists recommend hair transplant for people between 30 and 40 years old, but as mentioned above, all cases are different and there is no specific age to perform hair transplant.

Before the age of 20-23 years we advise people to perform a hair transplant because alopecia will not be stable yet and future hair loss may occur.

If an intervention is carried out when the hair loss has not yet stabilized, it is possible that in the non-transplanted areas the fall of the follicles continues. To counteract this phenomenon, doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs such as minoxidil or finasteride. By combining the drugs with the hair transplant it is then possible to perform any intervention.

Obviously anyone who wants to start the transplant process must first know the reasons for the hair loss and carry out a diagnosis beforehand with the clinic in order to determine what will be the best process for this specific case.

We are wrong to think that after the diagnosis, the hair transplant, and the post-operative care the patient’s worries disappear. each case is different from one another and requires strict monitoring in order to properly analyzed the evolution of the hair transplant.

The follicle transplanted in the recipient zone behaves in the same way as when it was in the donor zone before its extraction. And this is why some follicles grow faster than others, should not be a cause for concern.

When are the final results appreciated after undergoing a capillary graft?

The scalp undergoes a healing process after the operation, in which each transplanted follicle sits in its new position. In the first weeks there is a natural loss of hair, which should not distress the patient, because the grafted bulb remains and begins to develop new and strong hair.

In 90 days the patient will begin to see the birth of new and strengthened follicles that have sprung from the grafts, is the phase known medically as anagen. From that moment you will see a certain normality in the hair and the results that will be achieved.

It will not be until the fourth month that you notice how the hair grows with complete normality. Ten months after the intervention was performed, the patient will see what their new appearance will be.

Between the sixth and ninth month there is an accelerated hair growth. One year after the procedure, the grafts have sprouted correctly and the patient will finally be able to see the final results of the hair transplant.