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Capilclinic provides a solution adapted to each different case.

By combining advanced and modern technology with a highly qualified and proffesional team we bring the best results to our patients.


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We offer the most effective hair transplant solution. the aim is to keep the grafts out of the scalp as short as possible and to classify them by type of follicle. Thus we increase the chances of survival of each graft and obtain a more natural result.

With this technique the follicles do not exceed 120 minutes, which is the maximum period that they must stay out of the body. Therefore, the chances of successful surgery are always greater.

Minimum time FUE ™ package

2490 $
  • - A preoperative consultation
  • - Transfer from the hotel to the clinic
    with a private driver
  • - 2 nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast included
  • - Hair transplant with the FUE ™ technique with minimum time
  • - A postoperative consultation
  • - First hair wash at the clinic
  • - Plasma reinforcement treatment (PRP)
  • - English translator

Minimum time FUE ™ package

2950 $
  • - A preoperative consultation
  • - Transfer from the hotel to the clinic
    with a private driver
  • - 2 nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast included
  • - Hair transplant with
    the DHI technique
  • - A postoperative consultation
  • - First hair wash at the clinic
  • - Plasma reinforcement treatment (PRP)
  • - English translator

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    Hair transplant surgeon

    Dr Oguz Kayiran is one of Istanbul’s most renowned doctors and has over 10 years of experience in the hair transplant world. He has worked and collaborated with the largest hospitals in Istanbul and participated in research programs at Ankara University in addition to receiving training as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon.

    He graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ankara and did an internship at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield (United Kingdom). He achieved further improvement with practices in aesthetic and plastic surgery at the Ministry of Health, in addition to participating in national publications on scientific research.

    Turkey has become a must-see place to perform hair transplantation, if not according to the Washington publications post more than 5000 patients come to Turkey for this purpose.
    The reason why patients choose Turkey is because it is more cost effective. In general, the cost of the operation depends on the number of follicles implanted in a hair transplant patient. Here are the different factors that can influence the final cost: the quantity of hair follicles to be moved, the specialist doctors who will perform the procedure, the infrastructure, the number of patients the clinic can accommodate for a single day and the solutions available. on the day of surgery.

    To take into account when choosing the clinic for your hair transplant in Turkey:

    To take into account when choosing the clinic for your hair transplant in Turkey:

    When you have made the decision to go to a hair transplant clinic early on, it is important to make the right choice of the right clinic. For this reason, you need to do a real research and identify all possible varieties for this procedure to be performed in a proper manner to achieve remarkable results. When choosing a clinic in Turkey, there are decisions to take into account, from visit to dismissal

    Consultation – Hair transplantation can be done at any time in your life. A lot of people think that the only cure for hair loss is hair transplantation, but this information can be completely wrong. It is therefore important to carry out a quality diagnosis in Turkey to determine what your hair loss is and to choose the appropriate treatment to combat it.

    What treatment do you need? – Hair transplants can be performed with 2 different techniques, which is why it is important to make a good diagnosis beforehand to decide which solution to direct you to.

    Case by case

    Specialization – This is one of the factors to really take into account before deciding to opt for a clinic, you should inquire about their specialization. This is a crucial indication of their level of expertise in medical science and technology.

    Experiences of medical teams – It is essential to choose a clinic with competent and professional teams. ask for the necessary information on the establishment’s medical teams and compare them. You must be sure that everyone has official diplomas or qualifications, and in what fields they are specialized.

    Before and after the online assessment

    Before and after  – Do not hesitate in your research to ask the clinic for photos of patients who have already been seen. See if patients determine from all over the world, to be sure of the Doctor’s experience. Be critical of the results photos and take care to verify the authenticity of the photos before making a decision. Carefully read the documents sent by the clinic and check that the photos are authentic.

    Internationally, Turkish hospitals are best known for their scientific and technological advances. Currently there are 45 approved health establishments. The International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery is the body that regulates the clinical operation of hair in this country.

    • The governmental regulatory bodies check the hospitalization system to make sure that they comply to global healthcare standards in different places which includes: cleanliness and apparatus preservation, ethnicity, health care, health certificates and specialists.
    • Physicians in high ranks to the other workers are professionally qualified. However, because most of them are used to this kind of work, these doctors emerges to be popular internationally, with specialists in knowledge of varieties of hairs.
    • However, many essentials have been made readily available to the tourists which includes: – personal rooms, language intermediaries, self staffs and personal chef service, assists in journeys and hostage as well as the tour guides. Anything you need at your disposal can easily reach to you. These necessities are planned well to make sure that admitted people acquires the very admirable health services since they place their first visitation until the time they are dismissed from the hospital.
    • Most health care workers are multi-lingual and communicate in English fluently.


    Hair transplant

    Hair transplantation is an operation to implant follicles taken from the donor area on the bald parts of the head, beard or mustache. The operation is performed through local anesthesia, extraction and implantation.

    It is people with alopecia who perform the hair transplant. The main cause of hair loss is genetic and can come from a family history of baldness present in relatives. But sometimes other factors are also responsible like: hormonal imbalance, disease, medications, stress and diet.

    Hair transplant and its benefits

    The patient who are suffering from hair loss or loss of density, can perform hair transplant in Turkey in order to solve their problem. They can correct their forehead line, or increase volume through this procedure.

    The transplant helps to make your appearance more aesthetic by replicating the areas affected by baldness, and make you more attractive.

    This procedure is very inexpensive since one session is enough to correct the problem for the rest of your life.

    The transplant offers a lasting solution for people with alopecia during their lifetime.

    It has low maintenance cost as it doesn’t require shampoo or chemicals to keep it calm.

    This is a natural and effective way to repopulate bald areas. No medication can alter hair growth in these areas.

    For a total of 635,000 transplants, 68% were performed in Turkey. Today this country is considered the essential platform of medical tourism for people wishing to improve their appearance.

    Definitely, these arising demands created many opportunities for business personnel, amongst some physicians. The significant increase of hair transplant demand in Turkey clinics build up concern, mostly about the quality of the work done.

    As elaborated in the best of our knowledge about Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey page, the number of new clinics started overstepped the qualified hair transplant doctor number by far.

    Consequently, it is best for you to understand how and why Turkey is a cheap hair transplant destination by outlining many points on both sides of the equation.

    Every year thousands of men travel to Turkey for hair transplantation, making Istanbul the main destination for hair transplantation.
    However, still many people feel uncomfortable traveling to Turkey for security reasons. Although there have been some security concerns in previous years, Turkey has not faced any security threats since 2016.

    The different hair transplant techniques

    We detail below the different procedures used in hair transplantation. Follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction.

    The FUT was created in 1990 to replace the old methods of complex and inefficient transplants. A thin strip of scalp is extracted from the back of the head. Then this same band is placed at the level of the recipient area suffering from alopecia. The extraction leaves a scar on the back of the head, which is covered by the hair.

     FUT (strip extraction method) benefits:

    Fast – The operation takes a short time because several tapes can be extracted in a very short period of time.

    It has minimal chance of destruction on the given part because it is thus attached deeply to correct the skin tissue cells at and around the follicles.

    The extraction area is smaller.

    It involves less haircut as only the extracted area is shaved.

    Some clinics do not charge a high cost for band hair transplant because it is not that complex, nor does it use specialized items and does not require more specialists.

    Many clinics charge an attractive price because this technique is not complex and therefore does not require the presence of a specialized expert.

    The FUT transplant techniques are suitable for the following types of patients:

    Patients who don’t care about scars or marks.

    Whose density requirement is quite low.

    With a fairly large bald area to be treated.

    Who do not violate the inconvenience of growing their hair.

    Who do not care about the long postoperative period.

    Who are looking for an economical but quality solution

     FUE Technique

    FUE extraction is not necessarily infective. Personal follicular units are separated by use of a micro punch in advance when extracting with a pair of forceps. Initially the punches were manual but nowadays many hospitals are using micro-mortar controlled needles to harvest the strips. Motorized punches can generate a number of strips at a time as compared to the manual punch, which minimizes the typical surgery period as well as surgical operations needed.

    FUE extraction merits

    • The extraction methods are less aggressive and therefore considerably reduce.

    •  No visible marks unless the hair is shaved.

    • The postoperative period is much faster.

    • The risk of infections is minimal due to the size of the incisions.

    • He has no pain.

    • This technique can be effective even if the donor area is low density

    The extraction of the follicles is less invasive for the body, it is suitable for this type of patient:

    Who want to recover quickly

    Who don’t want aggressive surgery.

    Those who suffer from keloid scars.

    Those who have limited donor areas and want to avoid having skin reactions.

    Who do not want a postoperative mark or scar.

    The DHI technique is a variant of FUE. DHI differs from FUE when implanting follicles, extraction is similar. Once the grafts are extracted, they are placed in an implantation stylet called the CHOI Implanter. this allows hair follicles to implant more naturally, and at the same time as their extraction. It is then not necessary to make a preliminary incision before introducing the grafts.

    Alternative treatments to surgery

    In many cases it is not necessary to have a hair transplant. Because still at a young age, alopecia continues to evolve and it is therefore not the right time to perform the transplant. Various non-surgical methods and methods can be used for this kind of patient. Some of these methods are 2FDA hair treatments.


    Rogaine is one of the most famous treatments, it is also known as minoxidil. This product can be used by men or women as a gel, it is widely used against hair loss and alopecia. The product must be applied to the area in question for a period of 6 months, then resulting in a significant reduction in hair loss.

    Finasteride / Propecia

    This hair treatment involves the daily consumption of oral medication to curb hair loss. This treatment is very effective.

    PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

    The United States Food and Drugs Administration has not yet approved PRP therapy for the treatment of hair.

    Yet it is used in many clinics as a treatment for hair loss and to resolve injuries faster. They ensure standard results.

    Turkey is considered to be the country with the best hair transplant services, thanks to Doctors and professionals working in Istanbul. Here is a list of the best Doctors; Dr Oguz Kayiran, Dr Muttalip Keser and Dr Koray Erdogan. Besides these famous doctors, there are several others like them.

    Le co-fondateur de Smile Hair Clinic est un des professionnels qui a réalisé plus de 5000 greffes. . Le Dr Mehmet Erdogan est un spécialiste de la greffe de cheveux et de la récupération. Il a réalisé de nombreuses greffes avec al méthode FUE et les traitements capillaires.

    The first to have performed a transplant in Turkey is Safiye Kurt, a very famous Turkish practitioner. Founder of the Adem & Havva medical center.

    Dr Kurt was the first to start hair transplantation in Turkey. His patients include royal families and the UAE Minister of Health (as of 2012). We can find on his account nearly 500 transplants, and in total he has performed more than 4000. Safiye Kurt is the only one able to operate in the Persian Gulf.

    Turkey: The best hair transplant clinic

    Sapphire FUE hair transplantation clinic. It is run by Dr. Mehmet Erdogan who is a hair transplant specialist.

    Mooem Clinic

    The Mooem Clinic is run by the best plastic surgery doctors in the world, like Dr Oguz Kayiran. He is an international reference in cosmetic surgery and has more than 10 years of service in plastic surgery. The clinic has the best experts in cosmetic and plastic surgery. In addition to hair transplantation, she offers: breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, abdominal lift and many others.

    Team led by Dr. Oguz Kayiran with more than 10 years of experience performing aesthetic surgery operations.

    Estetic International

    It is a cosmetic surgery group that offers quality service for a wealthy clientele. It is located in Istanbul, Bursa. Its Quasar branch offers cosmetic surgeries to their international patients who can perform medical visits in Turkey. It was created by Dr Bulent Cihantimur in 1999 and has performed cosmetic surgeries in its clinics equipped with the best technologies.

    Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

    It is a group specializing in hair transplantation, dental procedures and plastic surgery, Brazilian butt lift and many more. The institution offers methods such as DHI and FUE hair transplant, Vaser liposuction and PRP therapy for the treatment of alopecia. Over 4000 patients per year visit centers in the UK, Italy, Spain and Argentina. The cost of the breast augmentation is $ 3,106 and Dr. Ergin performs the procedures, he has over 20 years of experience.

    We know from experience that patients often have many concerns after the hair transplant procedure which is natural after suffering from a problem such as alopecia which is always advised to be addressed promptly.

    One of the main questions is whether it is possible to perform a hair transplant. ; Each case being different and particular, a suitable solution is proposed; Contrary to popular belief, age is not a determining factor, it is above all a question of whether the patient suffers from a specific pathology and whether the donor area is usable.

    Hair transplants are recommended by experts for patients who are around 30 years old, as it helps to understand the degree of alopecia better. However, there is no specific age for having a hair transplant.

    However, it is not recommended to perform a hair transplant before the age of 25, because hair loss has not stabilized at this age, it is therefore impossible to determine the evolution of alopecia in this case. .

    The problem that can arise after hair transplantation in a 25 year old is that the unoperated area continues to be affected by hair loss and therefore the patient continues to suffer from alopecia. For these cases, doctors choose to treat patients with anti-hair loss drugs, such as minoxidil or finasteride, with this kind of treatment then it is possible to perform the procedure.

    We recommend anyone undergoing hair transplantation to perform tests to determine the cause of alopecia. This will determine whether the transplant is a suitable solution.

    After carrying out an evaluation and the hair transplant, the patient’s concerns did not disappear, quite the contrary, which is why postoperative follow-up is important in order to guide him because each case is different.

    the genetic information of the patient and therefore the behavior of hair growth is the same before and after the operation and also applies to the level of the operated area, which is why in some patients the evolution of the transplant can be slower or faster.

    We know from experience that patients often have many concerns after the hair transplant procedure, which is natural after suffering a problem such as alopecia which is always advisable to respond to promptly.

    One of the doubts that arise is regarding when is the right time to perform a hair transplant; each case is particular, so the answer to this question is determined by the characteristics of each individual; contrary to what is usually believed age is not a conclusive factor, while it is whether the patient does not have pathologies and has a donor area with density.

    Specialists recommend intervening patients who are already in their thirties, because this allows more reliable studies of future hair loss, however there is no specific age to undergo a hair transplant..

    Now, it is not advisable to perform a hair transplant before the age of 25, because hair loss has not stabilized at this age, which makes it impossible to determine how hair loss will evolve.

    The greatest difficulty that can occur in an early intervention is that the patient continues to lose hair in areas where hair transplant was not performed, and that after the transplant they have continued to suffer from alopecia. For these cases doctors choose to treat patients with drugs such as minoxidil or finasteride, to stop hair loss, once this has been achieved it is possible to perform any intervention.

    Anyway, any person who attends a specialized clinic must undergo different tests that determine the type of alopecia and what is causing it, this diagnosis is the roadmap to decide what is the procedure indicated for each case.

    We could think that after the study, deciding what is the best procedure to end alopecia and undergoing the intervention, the patient’s concerns have disappeared, but nothing’s further from reality, it is in this phase where more doubts arise, and It is natural, especially because each case is different.

    The behavior in hair growth is determined by the genetic information of each patient, since it is the same as it was before extracting the grafted follicle, and therefore will have the same behavior in the receiving area, this is what makes it in cases where the hair grows faster and in others slower.