Direct Hair transplant

DHI technique

There are also different implantation techniques such as the DHI technique for example. This technique is very effective, because it is carried out entirely manually and allows the specialist to have
more control over the angle, position and depth of the grafts.
Thanks to this technique very good results are obtained.

By performing the hair transplant with this technique it allows the surgery to be less invasive for the human body and to place the follicles extracted from the donor area directly into the scalp.

This technique, DHI, is the least invasive that exists today, because it does not require making incisions on the scalp beforehand. In the past the hair was extracted one by one manually. Today with the arrival of the micro motor specialists can go much faster.

How does the Choi or Stylo implant work?

It was in South Korea that the implantation method via the implanter or Choi implanter was invented. This technical head was created by specialists who are looking for a method allowing to extract and graft the leaflets in one step.

An IMPLANTER Pen resembles a ballpoint pen with a hollow point that is attached to a plunger. With this instrument the follicular units are collected, and the doctors carrying out the restoration have the necessary experience to use it with great skill.
The grafts are then loaded into the hollow of the needle and each follicle is inserted into the scalp. The needle of this pen opens the channel in which the graft is going, and then the specialist presses the plunger at the correct angle, and the implant is placed at the indicated depth.

Several implantation pens can be used during a hair transplant. These have multiple needles (Up to 6), they allow to introiduire the follicle directly in the scalp of the patient.

The best option: The implanter pen.

With this method, there are no previous needs in the scalp, the IMPLANTER Pen opens the channels in which the grafts will go at the same moment of the graft. This process is minimally invasive and reduces the possibility of suffering hemorrhages or traumas during the hair transplant.

Thanks to this technique the professional team can succeed in extracting a greater number of leaflets.

The results obtained with the DHI hair transplant are even more satisfactory and natural because the implantation is carried out manually, this allows the doctor to have more control over the insertion of the folicukle (Angle, profindeir, ect …)

The advantages and disadvantages of the DHI technique

in addition to the instruments chosen for the transplant it is important that the medical team is highly qualified. We present a list of the advantages and disadvantages of a DHI transplant to help you make your choice and whether you are a candidate for this technique.


  • - High percentage of strong and viable follicles.
  • - Bleeding is minimized. During implantation in the depopulated area.
  • - The risk of infection is reduced.
  • - Reduction of trauma during the transplant process or damage to the blood supply to the implant area.
  • -Post-operative recovery is much faster.


  • - The execution of the technique must be carried out only by qualified specialists, so prior training is required, which can be somewhat long.
  • - A minimum of six specialists are required to perform the procedure.
  • - Those who perform the operation must be familiar with the DHI technique, or else the procedure may take much longer than estimated.