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1) Maximum amount of follicles.
2)Best clinic in hair restauration in Turkey and Mexico.
3) FUE Sapphire and DHI technique



capilclinic offers you the most suitable solution for your baldness. Our Team are the most prominent hair transplant surgeons with the most experience in hair treatments.



We use an innovative technique that keeps the leaves for as long as possible outside your scalp, this allows us to obtain the best results.

International Clinic

Capilclinic, was founded in Europe with the aim of providing the best hair transplant results and the best hair treatments. Capilclinic is present all over the world, in Spain, Turkey, South America and even England.

Our Clinic in Mexico

Within our clinic, we offer access to the best technologies and innovation in the sector.

Our team is composed of the best surgeons, pioneers in South America, and guarantee the best results.

Our Clinic in Turkey

A clinic made up of Istanbul’s best professionals and the most advanced technologies

Dr. Oguz Kayiran is one of the most recognized in Turkey, especially for the quality of his results and is professionalism.

Our centers in Turkey and Mexico


Feneryolu, Bağdat, 34724 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turquía.


Insurgentes Sur #1809
Colonia Guadalupe Inn.


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    Totally natural and aesthetic

    Each case being different, the operation is carried out in a personalized way. We take into account the hair implantation of each patient. Which ensures a harmonious result.

    Unlimited number of follicles

    We implant the necessary number of follicles according to the needs of each patient, for maximum density.

    Your donor area is preserved

    Each graft is carefully extracted to ensure that your donor area is preserved as much as possible. Thus we avoid the appearance of marks or scars.

    PRP to strengthen your hair

    We carry out a PRP treatment which allows the follicles to be stronger and richer. It is a platelet-rich plasma treatment.

    What is the DHI technique?

    In the DHI technique, we use a tool called “Pen Implanter”, it allows direct implantation of cehux in the scalp with a better angle and greater precision. This DHI technique makes it possible to individually extract each follicle from the donor area (rear and side) and thus to implant them in the recipient area suffering from alopecia.It is the most advanced technique in the sector. It is the most advanced technique in the sector.

    • Preparation:
    Beforehand we carry out a diagnosis to make sure that the transplant can be carried out without inconvenience. A consultation is carried out in the presence of the Doctor and the interpreter. We anesthetized the entire area to be operated on.
    • First Phase:
    For the first step of the operation we use a 0.6 mini meter Punch to extract the follicles from the donor area. this stage can last between 2 and 4 hours. It all depends on the needs of the patient. We take a short 20-minute break so that the patient can rest and eat.
    • Second Phase:
    For the last step of the operation, we use a pen or a very thin blade to create micro-incisions (for a higher density) in which the collected follicles will be placed. During this operation, the patient’s hair implantation must be taken into account in order to obtain an aesthetic and natural result. This procedure could last between 3 and 4 hours depending on the needs of the patient.
    • If you suffer from Androgenetic alopecia.
    • If you suffer from localized hear losses.
    • If you suffer from scarring alopecia of reduced extension.
    • If you want to wear short hair and don’t have the linear scar visible
    • If you want dissimilar scars or previous transplants.


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